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If you support Snow being surprised by something you can vote for Archipelago by following the Vote link on the Archipelago main page.

If you're interested in hearing music themed around Captain Snow and Knull you can check out a music mix I made which is especially appropriate for the current book:

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Archipelago has moved to SmackJeeves!

Posted 11:47
Thu 06 March
by admin

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates at this website, the hosting system has just gotten too old and clunky for me to upload pages reliably, or make for
easy reading for you guys, so Archipelago has a new home now: All the pages have been uploaded, and if you
haven't been following on Arch's DeviantArt account you can catch up right away. I'm very happy with Smackjeeves so far and look forward to hosting future comic projects there as
Thank you all for your patience though this awkward growing phase for Archipelago.

Website Problems

Posted 23:08
Fri 24 January
by admin

Hey guys, we're experiencing difficulty with uploading the pages and it may just be time to move to a new host. We're figuring it out over here, but in the meantime you can follow updates here at the Archipelago Deviantart page:

- Admin -
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