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If you support scary noises on a dark and stormy night, you can vote for Archipelago by following the Vote link in the news section below.

(Sorry about the delay, I accidentally uploaded the wrong page. T_T )

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Fri 02 December
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If you want to support Archipelago you can vote for it on the top 100 webcomics website here:
If you want to support Archipelago by buying one of the Archipelago character mugs, you can shop here at the new and improved Archipelago store: shop
My Tumblr Account: Tumblr
My Formspring account (for questions to me about Archipelago or anything else you're curious about): Formspring
The Formspring account for the Archipelago characters (Ask a question and they'll answer it in character): ArchipelagoFormspring
My Deviantart account: Deviantart

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