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New website!

Posted 03:09
Mon 04 June
by admin

We've got a beautiful new website up, thanks to the help of my website wizard friends. We've got a whole new easier to use links section, new forums, and a new character profile gallery. So only Credenza is in there, but after the last page of book 8 is posted (it should go up next Monday) I will be spending a week uploading a new chunk of characters every day while I prepare the beginning of Book 9. Book 4 (dead tree version) is currently in the works, we're trying out a new on-demand printer who will hopefully be able to make much more affordable books, I just want to check the quality of the work before I make the book public.
Thank you everyone for your support through (almost) 8 books so far! I have been truly blessed in the readers of Archipelago, and the friends I have made along the way. God bless you all!

- Admin -
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