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Hey guys!

There are a lot of scenes coming up that'll need crowds of people in the background, so why not slip in some fan characters?
For 5$ per character your character can appear as a background extra (no dialogue) in a crowd scene. There will be need for good guys eventually, but the immediate call is for bad guys to fill out the ranks of The Raven's army. If you'd like your character to be a raven, send me a DA note or E-mail to with a description of your character and a little backstory/personality information. If you want your good guy character to appear in the comic, you can order that in advance, but understand it's going to be a while before we get to that part of the story. Payment through Paypal is preferred, but other ways can be worked out if you don't have an account. Once you've asked I'll give you my paypal address (NOT so don't send money there) so that I can keep better track of who's paid for what. As a rule no harm or abuse will come to your character (I won't draw them dying, being injured or being embarrassed) unless you specifically ask for that.

If you support awkward romances, you can vote for Archipelago by following the Vote link on the Archipelago main page.

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End of Book 8

Posted 04:08
Mon 11 June
by admin

It's been a wild ride folks, and definitely the longest Arch book to date. Once again, thank you all for your support! I'll be taking a short of a hiatus for a week or two in order to finish publishing books 4 and 5, but keep checking in! Everyday this week starting Tuesday I'll be uploading new color character profiles to the character page, possibly uploading a few extra goodies and behind-the-scenes type stuff.

- Admin -
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