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The exterior of The Gallimaufry is based very loosely off of Asian temple designs. In this case, 'very loosely' means photographic reference used to get the angles on the pillars right and then tons of Archipeligan stuff added on top.

When doing crowd scenes, to give the people in the foreground the look of a completed character, I sometimes go to the website Seventh Sanctum which has a number of wonderfully fun generators for characters, sword designs, and such. It helps out a lot when I want to add 'color' to an otherwise boring background.

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Literary pedigree

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Sat 02 January
by admin

The story behind the middle name Poelorne and baby Danyil himself:

Once upon a time, two friends of mine Sarah and Doodles wrote a story, their two main characters eventually getting married and having children. One of the children of these two characters was Deliza. Sarah and I wanted to do some silly writing on the side of our more 'serious' projects *snort*. Since at the time Mikel wasn't in Arch yet and I had been wanting to experiment with his character we wrote lots of silly scenes together with Mikel and Deliza who to our surprise got married (we're not sure how they managed it without us knowing). We thought they worked so well together that Sarah and I agreed that Deliza should be Mikel's wife in the actual Arch storyline. Thus we have little Danyil here, who comes from not only a proud royal lineage in the world of Archipelago, but a story lineage spanning three separate minds. The names of the original two characters from Sarah and Doodles' story were Lorne and Poe, so Danyil's middle name derives from the names of his grandparents.

The story behind the first name Danyil:

I thought it was cute.

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