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Kor's design is vaguely based on a road-runner, which I thought might almost be so simple a coloring pattern as to be boring. After all, road-runners are not known for their bright plumage. Turns out roadrunners actually have very complicated patterns on their wings of cream, grey, brown, black, and white feathers, which presumably would aid it in blending into the sand and the dirt. I seem to have a strange attraction to drawing characters with complicated patterns of clothing or markings. I love to draw them, and at the same time I know I'll be pulling my hair out trying to keep the details straight.

Speaking of complicated costumes, in the context of the play's story, the two storm pheonix birds are Glorifax's familiars which he rides on in spirit form and which turn into his jacket when he becomes corporeal. In reality they are Kor's pets which he quickly slips into a trap door behind the giant prop rock where they are lavished with praise and affection by stage hands for not flying out a window or going after the audience's popcorn.

Just in case you were concerned about what happened to the two storm pheonix.

I know I was.

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