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Some clarification on Kor and Anansi's relationship, since it might not be vital to explain in full during the story: Technically ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. They were friends for years working together at the theater (in addition to fortune counseling Anansi moonlights as a singer), there was a brief period where they tried being more than just friends, and eventually went back to being friends again. Kor kind of wishes they had worked out, and many people assume they're a couple because of how affectionate Kor is, but he's like that with almost every female he knows. Anansi is fine with working with Kor, having tea with him occasionally, and helping to care for his birds, and maintaining their comfortable friendship with each other. It was mostly her decision to end the romantic relationship for various complicated reasons. In the end, Anansi just didn't want to fall in love with Kor, and Kor wants to fall in love with every woman he meets (and often does).

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