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Book 7 page 42

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A note on magical items, since this page features a semi-magic cane:

Magic exists in almost everything, but living things have greater amounts of it than objects. Magic is related to life after all, in a way we can't understand. Life absorbs magic and gives off magic, like our bodies absorb and expel air. This means that animals, plants, and sentient species have greater amounts of magic than rocks, tools, and furniture. This changes when a living being imbues an object with magic. As the magic changes what the object can do, it also changes what the object is, making it more and more like a living thing. The Listing of Names is an example of what happens when you give an object an insane amount of power and let it alone for a few hundred years. The book is now an intelligent being of it's own with emotions, a memory, and a rather fiesty personality. Most objects never get quite that far. Vaniji's cane is imbued with some of his magic, designed to give him better control over his powers. It's not intelligent, but it does occasionally twitch or move or snap to reflect Vaniji's own emotions.

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