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Comic #726

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Nasty case of pink-eye there.

I get the feeling sometimes that Mona wasn't always so dumb. She was always ditzy I'm sure, but at one time she was probably cunning and determined. She got herself one of the most powerful boyfriends in town after all. At this point though, after years of being hypnotized over and over again, she's so under Vaniji's control that he doesn't even have to go through the complete process anymore, like he tried with Kor. Having that kind of magic used on you over and over again will cook anyone's noodles.

Vaniji's magic is highly illegal by the way (or at least, the uses he puts his magic to are illegal). It's considered criminal in the Archipelago to use magic to force someone to do or think anything against their will. Actually, it's illegal to use any kind of magic that affects the brain, even on yourself, unless it's for proven medical purposes.

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