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I love drawing dogs. A dog was actually the first thing I drew, on the day I discovered that I liked drawing. My passion for them was obssessive when I was little, there was nothing else I wanted more in the universe than a dog. Actually getting a dog gave me a healthy dose of reality, cementing in my mind a more sensible image of dogs and a deeper less superficial love for them. Sweet, gentle, door-eating, hotdog-thieving Lady has been gone for the past few months, but my love of drawing dogs remains. I think if you catalogued everything I've ever drawn (there was a period where my doodles could cover an entire box of printer paper in less than a month, both sides) about 60% of those doodles would be dogs, or variations on the canine theme. 20% would be dragons, 15% would be pokemon, and that last 5% would be people, which I really hadn't drawn that much before starting a comic in which most of the cast were humans.

My point is: Gosh I love drawing dogbook.

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