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In addition to being able to swim for hundreds of miles and running like a locomotive, Jabberwockies are expert climbers, both in trees and over clifftops. Even flying creatures are not safe from them, as they can jump high and far enough to make flying pointless, and they could probably find some way to achieve true flight if they thought there might be squid as a reward. The only reason they haven't devoured everything in the Archipelago is that A. They dislike the loud noises and bright lights of human habitation and B. They have the breeding instincts of mentally handicapped pandas. Since they eat so much and are so ferocious, Jabberwockies have huge territories designed to keep them from meeting each other. On the rare chance that two jabberwockies of opposite genders meet, by the time one or both has remembered what they're supposed to do, one's probably already killed the other and stolen their squid.

A tame Jabberwocky like Charlie has never been documented. There's no way to contain a Jabberwocky for long if it doesn't want to be contained (they rarely do) and they have a nasty habit of mistaking humans for large four tentacled squid.

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