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I don't know if it's the same for all artists and writers, but I have very definite ideas about what my characters voices sound like, though I can't always define what these ideas are. For the most part, I have various actors or singers who I feel either come close to what I want the voice to be like, or who possess some aspect of what I imagine the character's voice sounding like.

Raven and Credenza are some of the hardest for me to choose a defining voice for. However, in a perfect world, if a movie of Archipelago was made and I got to choose any voice actors I wanted regardless of expense, I would have Credenza and Raven cast as Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris respectively (otherwise known as Penny and Dr.Horrible from Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog). The song My Eyes is a great example of the actor's voices and a good theme song for Credenza and Raven themselves.

What other character's voices would you be intrigued to hear?

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