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Of all my characters Snow is the one who most has a mind of his own, possibly because the part of my brain he comes doesn't get used much. I have a very dark sense of humor, but it comes out very rarely, and it tends to be rather startling to others when the tiny woman who dresses like a five-year old says something hilariously morbid. Snow comes from there, and he's not afraid to run with what little reign I give him. He's certainly the hardest character for me to draw, not because he's especially difficult or complicated, but because I need to get that particular look in his eye that means that Snow's there, not just a drawing of Snow. He's very hard to capture accurately.

He actually started out as a classic Saturday morning cartoony villain like Team Rocket, the vaguely menacing but ultimately pathetic antagonist who appears regularly every week to provide conflict. Perhaps he still is. The heroes almost always manage to beat him by the end of the book, and not being able to die he certainly can come back every week from cartoon levels of violence. Somehow he manages to give off a feeling that if he REALLY wanted to vanquish the heroes he would have, but he didn't have his heart in it this time around. That's what I love about Snow, I can never tell if it's all just an act to cover up his faults, or if he genuinely sees the world as a giant game he gets to play.

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