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Kor's gone though more character changes than any of the other main characters. His face scratches used to be horrible disfiguring scars from a magic incident gone wrong. In one incarnation he traveled around on the back of a mutated monster, in another he lived in a mechanical house on legs. His power was especially hard to pin down. I knew it had to do with his birds, and I wanted a power oriented toward close-range combat. A lot of people thought that Kor had mind control/zombie bird powers, which was a good guess, but wasn't a power I wanted Kor to have. I didn't want him to have a mind control power like Vaniji, and even if he did, he'd never force his birdy friends to attack a dangerous villain like Snow. As they are now, temporarily transformed into a magic sword, they're pretty safe. Kor's the one who needs to be careful.

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