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Like many creatures on the Archipelago, Pandorians (the bat creatures) were genetically engineered, but they've changed very much from the creatures they were originally designed to be. When they were first created, they were small unintelligent rat/cat/marsupials made to hunt pests that infested machines. When the Archipelago was itself still a giant living machine, the Pandorians lived inside its systems, keeping them free of vermin. When the Archipelago crashed a few Pandorians survived and continued living there, hunting and exploring the inner workings of the machine. Anything in the Archipelago changes due to close proximity to such potent magic, but the Pandorians had been made to resist the part of the magic that would make them into machines themselves, saving them from the fate of the Scraptors and other half organic half machine creatures. Instead, it made them bigger and smarter with each generation, until the pest hunters had developed into an intelligent society. To this day they're on of the few races that can safely explore the underworld of the Archipelago.

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