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This page was both really easy and really hard to do. It was easy once I figured out what I needed to draw, I love drawing the spirits. It was hard figuring out what this particular page needed to be. I'm sometimes asked if I write scripts for Archipelago pages. I don't. I think it's a really good idea to write scripts and would probably be a huge help to many artists, but it never works for me because I can never tell whether a page 'works' until it's right there in front of me. It's like a gut reaction whether a page is working or not. Often I don't even know what's wrong about it, but every now and then I'll sketch out a perfectly workable page that scrams wrongness at me. It's not always easy for me to realize. Sometimes I make it to the coloring stage before I give in. I'll notice I'm finding excuses not to work on a page. Usually what tips me off is that I'm bored with working on the page. I used to think this was just my own mood affecting the work and would push myself through, which was a bad idea. The quality of the story suffered and I was making fewer pages at the time because I had trouble focusing to work on them. Now I've learned to sense that feeling in my stomach and react to it, or at least stop killing myself trying to force the page to work. One of the hardest parts of writing Archipelago is forcing myself to step back from a page I was sure I had worked out and find out what needs to be changed.

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