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Book 7 'Deleted Scene'

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This page is supposed to come right after the scene where Raven discovers his legs. Originally, Raven was supposed to get up and finish drinking the glass of wine to prove his body was complete now (though he discovered he hated the taste of alcohol). I cut this page because the joke wasn't as funny in practice as it had been in my head, it lessened the impact of the previous page, and the dialogue wasn't working. One of my biggest hints that a page isn't working is that I can't hear what the characters are saying in the pictures I draw. However, unlike most scrapped pages which are simply erased and drawn over, I put this one aside and saved it because I liked how the inks had come out, even though it never made it to the coloring stage.
And if you're wondering why it's all green, I always color the background a bright color so that the greytones show up better while I'm doing the coloring.

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I recently got an account on Tumblr and I feel I need to share this with the world here. Mostly I'm using it to post unfinished fanart stuffs but I occasionally post something to do with Archipelago.

Also a reminder that I have a Formspring account to answer any questions anyone may have here
and a Deviantart account that serves as a secondary place to post Archipelago pages and finished art projects of mine here.
If you support Archipelago you can vote for it in the top 100 webcomics here.

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