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Book 7 Color and Photoshop brush reference

Comic #838

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This is the reference I use for all the characters so their color schemes remain consistent.

Photoshop Brush sources:

Credenza's coat: Kaleidoscope 1 by
Riley's shirt: Aztec brush by
Lucinda's dress: Party brushes by
Captain Snow's vest: Snowflake vector by

Other brush sources of mine:

There are a few brushes whose creators I haven't been able to track down, so if you recognize a brush that hasn't been credited here, please contact me at or at my Deviantart account

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I recently got an account on Tumblr and I feel I need to share this with the world here. Mostly I'm using it to post unfinished fanart stuffs but I occasionally post something to do with Archipelago.

Also a reminder that I have a Formspring account to answer any questions anyone may have here
and a Deviantart account that serves as a secondary place to post Archipelago pages and finished art projects of mine here.
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