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I'm really having a lot of fun drawing Clair, especially her expressions and mannerisms. I think some of my inspiration comes from the beautiful manga Yotsuba!, a story about an adorable little girl just going on the kind of slice-of-life adventures little kids go through. That comic is like if you took pure cuteness and baked it into a cake with charm and humor used as the delicious icing. I highly recommend it.
I think most of my inspiration comes from real life children. I work as a volunteer in my church's children's program and regularly work in the three-year old classroom, and I worked as a babysitter in my early teens, so much of the way Clair talks and moves comes from the children I've worked with.

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I recently got an account on Tumblr and I feel I need to share this with the world here. Mostly I'm using it to post unfinished fanart stuffs but I occasionally post something to do with Archipelago.

Also a reminder that I have a Formspring account to answer any questions anyone may have here
and a Deviantart account that serves as a secondary place to post Archipelago pages and finished art projects of mine here.
If you support Archipelago you can vote for it in the top 100 webcomics here.

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