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Yaaay, my babies are back! <3

If you support grouchy ranting Raven, you can vote for Archipelago by following the link in the News section below.

And if you're interested, I've created a new Formspring account where you can ask questions of the Archipelago cast directly!: Ask anyone of them a question and they will answer it as best they can.

Second point of business: A message to the generous but anonymous reader who created the Archipelago Topwebcomics account. Could you send me the information (if any) to log into that account? Several people have suggested creating voting incentives, which I'd like to do, but I don't think I can if I don't have the information to get into the account. Please send me a message if you can, and thank you again for the wonderful gift. :)

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Various Links of Varying Interest

Posted 05:08
Mon 21 Febuary
by admin

I recently got an account on Tumblr and I feel I need to share this with the world here. Mostly I'm using it to post unfinished fanart stuffs but I occasionally post something to do with Archipelago.

Also a reminder that I have a Formspring account to answer any questions anyone may have here
and a Deviantart account that serves as a secondary place to post Archipelago pages and finished art projects of mine here.
If you support Archipelago you can vote for it in the top 100 webcomics here.

- Admin -
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