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I've gotten a few readers leaving comments notifying me when I leave out something from a drawing that should be there, like Tuff's tattoo, or a backpack someone's supposed to be wearing, or a wound in a certain place that seems to disappear. I want to state for the record: THIS IS A GOOD THING TO DO. I'm not in the habit of going back to fix general art mistakes, like redrawing pages from earlier books (that way lies madness) but it's very important for me to catch any continuity errors in pages. A lot of the time I'll simply forget that a character's supposed to wear a certain accessory and forget to draw it in. Sometimes I'll have reasons for certain objects not being there, but if anyone notices a continuity error, please comment with the issue so I can fix it. Even if I try not to go back and fix old art, I do appreciate helpful critique so I can improve in the future, but it's continuity errors that really need to be caught and mentioned so I can fix them right away. Any comments should be sent to

If you support maybe not leaving every Friday page as a cliffhanger really I don't mean to do that it just turns out that way, you can vote for by following the link the news section below.

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I recently got an account on Tumblr and I feel I need to share this with the world here. Mostly I'm using it to post unfinished fanart stuffs but I occasionally post something to do with Archipelago.

Also a reminder that I have a Formspring account to answer any questions anyone may have here
and a Deviantart account that serves as a secondary place to post Archipelago pages and finished art projects of mine here.
If you support Archipelago you can vote for it in the top 100 webcomics here.

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