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What Kor is talking about in the first panel is the standard magic score which more people on the Archipelago are tested and graded by. The letter (S is the highest ranking, followed by A, B, C, D, E, and F) represents a person's natural power which they can draw from. The number (1-10, 1 being useless, 10 being phenominal cosmic powers) represents a person's ability to use their natural magic. This is a very vague test, and can be in-accurate if the person has hidden talents, but it's the general score people would ask for if they wanted to know your level of magic for a job interview or such. A D-3 score pretty much means less than average levels of magic with little ability to use them, enough to maybe light a candle or levitate a rock if he really tried. Of course now that he's unlocked his powers he'd rate as something more like a C-6 (Mid level powers, but can do something really complex with what he has). For reference, Credenza with her necklace would rate as a S-4 (incredibly powerful, not too much control) with Snow as a E-2 (Almost no magic, barely able to use what he has).

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