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If you support Kor valiantly trying to save his big furry friend, you can vote for Archipelago by following the link in the news section below.

If you're looking for more ways to support Archipelago and contain hot beverages for the purpose of drinking, you can now buy any of three Archipelago mug designs from the new and improved Archipelago Store! We currently have a Kor mug, a Captain Snow mug, and a Luck brothers mug. Whether you're looking for a Christmas gift or just want to see spirit Kor in a Santa hat, drop by and check it out! :) You can go there by following the link that's also provided in the News section below (and when you're in the store, clicking on the little Kor spirit will take you right back to this site).

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If you want to support Archipelago you can vote for it on the top 100 webcomics website here:
If you want to support Archipelago by buying one of the Archipelago character mugs, you can shop here at the new and improved Archipelago store: shop
My Tumblr Account: Tumblr
My Formspring account (for questions to me about Archipelago or anything else you're curious about): Formspring
The Formspring account for the Archipelago characters (Ask a question and they'll answer it in character): ArchipelagoFormspring
My Deviantart account: Deviantart

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